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Fair Results vs Referees

In the Norwich vs Stoke game, for those of you who haven’t seen it, a Norwich defender got a red card and a Stoke got penalty for an accidental foul, two meters outside the box, which may or may not have been a clear-ish goal scoring opportunity.
I haven’t got anything against Stoke Rugby Football Club. Actually I have, but this time it’s not about them. I’m not blaming Tony “the High Lord of Anti-Football” Pulis’ team for what happened. It was a foul. But, it was never a penalty in a million years. And the red card really should’ve been a yellow. The resulting penalty was saved but Norwich then had to play the rest of the game with ten men. Stoke snatched the equaliser in extra time.
Rewind 24 hours. Arsenal take on a resurgent Liverpool at the Emirates. The ref has a very similar effect on the result. The red card isn’t up for debate. The two goals were. Both were rubbed in the scent of Eau de Offside.
In this day and age how the hell are football games being decided by incompetent referees? They’re either corrupt or rubbish. Or both. When are we going to employ technology to make sure that decisions go the right way and that teams are fairly rewarded for their efforts?
Arsenal might have still lost the game against the Scousers, and there would be no shame in that. They’re a bit thin on numbers and Liverpool have spent nearly 100 million on players in the last 12 months. But we’ll never know, will we?! The referee has decided the game, rather than officiating it.
I’m getting sick and tired of the officials taking center stage in football matches. It’s got to stop. The quicker we get video referees the better. The quicker we get video referees the sooner football matches will be settled on merit rather than mistakes. And surely thats the point of a match of football; that the best team wins?