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Mercenaries of the Modern Game

Samir Nasri has today signed for Man Citeh. I hope he enjoys spending a fair chunk of time the subs bench because that’s exactly what he’s going to be doing for the next few years.
So…. Man City have done it again. They’ve spent an obscene amount of money on a player. They wanted him, they got him. Well done to you. Bravo. Didn’t you do well!
It’s already tiresome. Chelsea have spent the last few years tapping up players, offering inflated wages and paying out transfer fees that ethically sourced football clubs just can’t compete with. City are merely following suit.
Forget goal-line tech. Forget FIFA corruption. These super-rich clubs are the biggest evil in the modern game. They operate without fear of reproach. They do whatever they want. FIFA and UEFA let them, but that’s beside the point.
How are clubs supposed to compete with these teams? How are they supposed to stay in the game when these rich clubs (notice I didn’t call them ‘big clubs’) can offer three or four times the wages that others can.
After two indifferent seasons at the Emirates, Nasri finally started playing the football they’d be paying him for. They’d nursed him through injuries and they had played him through some seriously mediocre form. Last season he came good, it was time for him to pay them back on the pitch.
He was rewarded for his efforts by an offer of a new contract. A staggering £90,000.00 a week. Let me say that again with caps lock on; £90,000.00 A WEEK! That is an incredible amount of money for anyone to earn and for a club like Arsenal it is a substantial amount of money to commit to paying a player.
Now lets get one thing clear. Nasri is already rich. This new contract was only going to make him richer. But was that enough?
It’s clear to me that Man City have gone and tapped up the player. Whether his agent was told what the deal on the table was, or whether he just took one of the figures leaked by City through the media, Nasri knew that there was more money up in Manchester and that they were interested.
It’s one thing to compete against clubs with unlimited wealth. It’s possible, but very hard. It’s another thing completely when the said clubs then wiggle wads of money under noses of other teams best players in order to make them jump ship.
Sure, you want your players to have a little backbone and to show some loyalty. But this loyalty is becoming less and less common in the modern game.
Half a season is what Arsenal got from Nasri. Three years of undeniably hard work, and half a season of footballing excellence. Instead of repaying the club for their loyalty to him, he’s now off to pastures light blue.
I know the counter-arguement. If in any other job someone offered to pay you treble what you were currently on then you’d go in a heartbeat. But treble the wages for you and I would make a massive difference to our quality of life. This isn’t the same for top footballers. What can Nasri buy now that he couldn’t buy last week?
It all comes down to greed. Pure and simple. The premier league is drowning in a sea of mercenaries. Nasri has had his head turned by a big pile of cash. Shame on you Samir.
I don’t know what the solution is. Wage caps or financial fair play, I just don’t know. What I am acutely aware of is that Arsenal have been pushed back on the ropes and are currently reeling from losing two of their most influential players in as many weeks.
Man City are ruining the game for everybody else. It is becoming a farce. It is becoming deeply unfair. Until something is done to curb the spending power of these middle-sized super-rich clubs, honest teams are just going to carry on getting ***************.