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Manchester United Fans Predict A Riot

I upset myself today by clicking on a Daily Mail article (by accident – but still). What I found there was shocking to say the least. Apparently bitter Manchester United fans are trying their damnedest to spoil Man City’s first foray into the Champions League.
They’ve tried to do so by pretending to be City fans, going onto Napoli websites and trying to incite violence between the two sets of supporters when their teams meet later this month and again in November.
What a bunch of bastards.
Perhaps these ‘supporters’ don’t mind the idea of violence on the streets of Manchester because many of them are based down in Hampshire. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’d not want violence kicking off in my city, regardless of who was playing football. Are (some) United fans really that elitist that they can’t just get on with their own games without worrying about what their noisy neighbours are up to?
Given what’s happened in this country in recent weeks, I find it sad that a group of people are prepared to risk the lives of others by inciting violence against, potentially, people living in their own community.
I love a good rivalry. It keeps things saucy. I revel in the chanting and the banter and the banners. But at what point did these numbskulls think it would be alright to bypass perfectly acceptable football banter and try to (at best) injure someone or (at worst) get them killed?
I hope that the Manchester police find out who did this and throw the book at them. On top of any criminal proceedings taken against them, these fans should all be banned from watching football, at any ground, for life. Perhaps then they’ll have the time to think about what they’ve done.

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