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Carlos Tevez – I’m a spoilt footballer, get me out of Manchester.

‘Carlos, we need you. We’re two goals down to a quality Bayern Munich team. Get on there and bag us a goal or two. Help us rescue the match’ Is close to something that Mancini might have said to Carlos Tevez last night.
‘I don’t want’ Tevez might have replied, throwing his hypothetical toys out of his hypothetical pram.
‘I don’t care Carlos, get your shirt on, you’re playing’ Mancini didn’t say.
‘No. I’m not playing’ Tevez said, eyes glowing red with fury.
‘I’m not asking Carlos. I’m the manager, your the player. You do the math.’ Said Mancini, possibly crying.
‘But I don’t wanna. And when Carlos doesn’t wanna do something, Carlos doesn’t do it’ You know a footballer means business when he starts talking about himself in the third person. With that last line, Mancini shuddered; he knew his mind was made up. Carlos Tevez wasn’t going to play football for Manchester City tonight.
Given that Carlos Tevez had problems settling into life at Manchester United, you have to wonder what part of that numbskulls brain thought it would be a good idea to move across town and sign for their wealthy neighbours, Manchester City. It’s still Manchester, Carlos. It still rains lots, Carlos. It’s still not Spain/Italy/Argentina/Brazil, Carlos.
Everyones favourite grizzly-necked Einstein picked moving across the city for reasons unknown. Actually, I’m going to stick my neck out on this one and speculate that he went for the £250,000.00 a week wages. So now we’ve established he’s greedy and thick.
And you can add to that list of admirable personality traits; petulant. Apparently the cheeky little twat has decided that he is to good to come on and play from the bench. He’s better than that. He’s a starter. Hmmmmmm.
Whilst I have to agree with him that he is too good to be a sub, it’s his bed and he made it, and so I have no sympathy for him. He’s signed for the hated neighbours of his team for nothing but money. He stayed in Manchester despite his family hating the area and wanting him to play elsewhere. He has constantly tried to engineer a move away from the Etihad Stadium.
The problem that Carlos ‘the brain’ Tevez has come across is that he’s now in a position that not many superstar players find themselves in; his club is too rich to give a shit what he wants.
Manchester City are almost better off making an example of him for current players and other prospective new signings: No matter how big your ego is, nothing is more important than the team. Usually a club, no matter how big, would have to bend to the wishes of a professional player who earns around a million pounds a month, such is his worth and cost. However, one thing that City have in abundance is wealth and they could quite easily absorb the cost of Tevez’s disrespectful behavior into their bottomless pit of oil money.
Since the incident in last nights Champions League game, Tevez has moved to calm matters by suggesting that it is all a ‘misunderstanding’. Not sure that shit’ll stick, Carlos. I think you might have just screwed yourself in an uncomfortable place. I think everybody is right behind Mancini and his decision that Tevez should never play for him again.
I hope Tevez gets chucked in the reserves for the rest of the season. He deserves the indignity of slumming it with youth players. Then I hope City flog him either in January or in the Summer. Either way, I hope they get shot of the little scrote. It’s players like him that are ruining the game. Out of one side of their mouths they preach hard work and integrity, out of the other all we can hear are the words ‘me me me me me me me me’.
So…. Carlos, we’ve all had a chat and we’ve decided it’s about time that you took your arrogant, holier-than-thou, money-grabbing attitude and fucked off. Have a nice career Carlos, you scumbag.