Platini behind bars!

The president of Swiss club FC Sion, gob-shite Christian Constantin, wants to throw Michel Platini into jail. That’s just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read. It’s never happening, not a million months of Sundays, but it’s still brilliant that someone is calling for some accountability in the sport. It’s just a proper shame that the man doing the calling is guilty of tapping up players and ignoring UEFA and FIFA directives, but you can’t have everything can you?!
FC Sion tapped up Egypt goalkeeper El-Hadary. They were duly reported to FIFA, who in turn placed a transfer embargo on the club. This next bit is priceless…. FC Sion completely ignored the transfer ban imposed on them by the footballing authorities and carried on signing players.
Some of their shiny new players featured in the Europa League play-off game against Celtic, which the Swiss team went on to win 3-1. UEFA then ruled that they could not play in Europe (because of their flagrant disregard to the transfer ban) and that Celtic would take their place.
Not one to take a beating laying down, FC Sion then took UEFA to a Swiss court, challenged the decision and their appeal was upheld.
Platini has already stated that Swiss law has no jurisdiction over the governance of football. However, the plucky Swiss club have thrown two fingers up at European football’s governing body and called for Platini to be put in shackles. After a lengthy ramble Constantin let loose the dogs of war with this call for justice……
“Then, the police will go and find Mr Platini. Now we’ve given Platini time to fix this – if he doesn’t fix it, then there’s prison.”
He then went on to add…..
“Justice needs to be applicable in football because if not then we find ourselves in the Wild West.”
As I mentioned earlier, I can’t ever see Platini doing time for this, but nevertheless I hope he’s suitably nervous. This might not be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but at long last people are calling for football’s ruling elite to actually be accountable to someone, or something, or anything – nobody really cares who or what, we just want some accountability. They’re such a bunch of corrupt bastards it was about time that something was done to shake things up a little.
Where it might, and I say ‘might’ with a pinch of salt; where it might get sticky for Platini and his evil minions is the fact the UEFA are based in Switzerland and the court ruling came from a Swiss court. So you never know, this story might still have legs.
At the end of the day we’ve got to call this what it is; a load of guff from an irresponsible football club chairman with no respect for the powers that be. Even if the powers that be are a bunch of corrupt bastards, in banning them from European football for tapping up players and then ignoring the punishment, UEFA and FIFA have probably done the right thing.
Watch this space, it might just be about to really kick off. I doubt it will, but we can live in hope. If it’s not going to happen now then maybe, one day soon, a club with a genuine grievance will challenge one of UEFA or FIFA’s bullshit rulings in a court of law and actually have a chance of winning. Maybe then we’ll get some changes made to the way that football is run.
I smell the waft of revolution in the air. Either that or my cat farted.